Four Week Frenzy: Game Over

Okay, so my second challenge is done and dusted, and I’m much happier with the result of my objectives this time around. For those of you not aware of what I’ve been up to, this post should explain everything. So how did I do with my to-do list?

  1. Short course organised: Done! I have signed up for a one day intensive with Laurel Papworth, one of the world’s most influential social media experts and someone I admire greatly, which I will be taking at Sydney Uni near the end of May.
  2. Job applications sent out:Still going! Job applications are going out, and I’m hoping to get some responses. Some great feedback from recruiting and social media professionals led to a resumé rewrite, and now I’m more satisfied with how it looks.
  3. Maintain current rate of blog posts:Done! My current rate of blog posts has remained, with about two or three coming out every week for your viewing pleasure. I also took on board your feedback about less personal posts, and so I declined to give constant updates about the Frenzy until it was over.
  4. Revamping my professional social media: Done! My @nathcarter Twitter is now my professional Twitter, with my overly wordy opinions moved to @nathanrcarter. My LinkedIn has been updated and refreshed with some new info (and a photo!), and I’m happy with where I’m at across the board.
  5. External blog submissions: Unsure. Made a submission to a blog last month, but nothing came of it, so I’ve applied for another submission at, and have been lucky enough to have Jeff himself contact me with approval for me to write something! Now all I have to do is…write something.

This month I didn’t see quite as many views as last month, but considering the material I wrote about I don’t find that so surprising. Nevertheless, I saw over 600 views in the past month, and that’s a delightful follow-up to last month, giving me nearly 1700 views in two months! That’s crazy!

I will not be conducting another one of these dares or frenzies. I believe the last two have set me up nicely, and I will be able to push on from here with provision of more content for you guys to enjoy and discuss. Let me know what you want to hear more about, and it will happen…probably!